Essential Competencies to Implement Lean Manufacturing

Every Production Executive or Manager should possess the competencies required to implement Lean Manufacturing techniques that will ensure Waste Elimination, Cost Reduction, Continuous Improvement and Process Innovation.

Lean is not limited to manufacturing. It can be used to reduce waste and add value to processes in the office,in maintenance, and even in sales and R&D. This course is focused on tactical Lean, which is the application of Lean principles, concepts and methods at a local level. You will also develop the ability to teach the others the basics of Lean, thus contributing to creating a Lean Culture in your workplace.

Course Content
Module 1
• Origin and Philosophy
• Mass production vs Lean
• Mura, Muri, Muda
• Eight Types of Wastes
• Value-added Activity vs non value added.

Module 2
• Lean Metrix’s
• Lean Production System
• Just-in-Time
• Push and pull concept
• Continuous Process Flow, one piece flow
• Hejunka and workload leveling
• Six Kanban Rules, types of kanban
• Batch production Vs Flow production simulation

Module 3
• Lean Manufacturing House and Lean thinking Model
• Operational Stability
• Standards and Visual Management
• 5S, Red-tagging, Spaghetti diagram
• Standard Work and its basic elements
• Takt time, work sequence, WIP
• Charts for standardized work - production capacity chart, standardized work combination table, standardized work analysis chart, job element sheet

Module 4
• What is Quality and it’s importance
• Jidoka and Autonomation
• Three aspects of Poka-yoke
• Andon
• Introduction to Value Stream Mapping

Module 5
• Kaizen mindset
• Types of Kaizen teams - Kaizen Circle Activities, Practical Kaizen Training
• Kaizen Leadership
• Problem Solving and Cause Analysis
• Lean tools Implementation and Follow-up

Module 6
• Setup Reduction and SMED concept
• Forms, Charts for implementation
• Group Presentations


Schedule : One Sunday a Month from 8.45 to 4.30

Entry Requirements : 2 years work experience

Medium : Sinhala + English Mixed medium

Course Fee: Registration Fee : Rs. 5,000
Course Fee : Rs. 15,000 x 6 Months 
Pearson - UK Registration Fee: Rs. 20,000 (Optional)

COMMENCEMENT : 4th June 2017


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