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AWARDED BY PEARSON – UK : World’s #1 Education Enterprise and the Largest Qualification Awarding Authority.

Pre-MBA course of studies with a Progression Pathway to MBA or Masters' Degree in HRM, Awarded by University of Northampton - UK

One Weekend a Month Intensive Blended Learning Mode


Is this the right course for YOU?

• You are ambitious, energetic and possess a strong desire to get to the top
• You feel you missed out on your higher studies at the right time…for whatever reason
• You now realize that qualifications are necessary on the journey to the top
• You feel your energy and enthusiasm levels are dwindling and perhaps mid-career crisis is setting-in

Why pursue this Qualification?

• To equip oneself with a qualification that will fulfill requirements at managerial level
• To provide the competencies required to integrate with other functions in the organisation
• To overcome career related obstacles, challenges and setbacks resulting in stagnation
• To prevent you being overtaken by youngsters with less experience but qualified

This qualification can lead you to…

• Enhance employment opportunities with greater recognition and remuneration
• Realize career progression as well as opportunities for migration and overseas employment
• Enable career transition and lateral movement
• Achieve a MASTER’S DEGREE of international repute


Unit 1. Leadership and Organisation Behaviour
• Leadership, in Context and Applications
• Individual & Group Behaviour
• Organisational Communication and Leadership
• Structures and Cultures in organisations 

Unit 2. Finance for Non Finance Managers
• Understanding Finance Statements and their implications
• Budgets: Preparation and Uses
• Product & Process Costing, techniques and applications
• Ratio Analysis: Interpretation and applications 

Unit 3. Strategy and Entrepreneurship
• Strategic Thinking & Business Strategy
• Strategic Planning Framework & Models
• Strategy and Competitive Advantage
• Entrepreneurial Mindset & Strategy 

Unit 4. Marketing Principles
• Marketing Concepts and Processes
• The Marketplace and Consumers
• Strategic Marketing and Connecting with Customers
• The Global Marketplace and Sustainable Marketing

Unit 5. Human Resource Management
• HR Concepts and Strategy
• People Resourcing and Rewards
• Performance Management
• Succession Planning, Talent and Career Development

Unit 6. Production and Operations Management
• Operations as a Competitive and Strategic Weapon
• Resource Planning, Process Management and Control
• Management of Quality and New Product Development
• Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management

Unit 7. Productivity Development
• Concepts of Productivity Development
• Tools and Techniques of Productivity Development
• Productivity Lessons to Learn from the Japanese
• Productivity vis-à-vis Competitive Advantage and Sustainability

Unit 8. Innovation Management
• Strategy and Innovation Management
• Creating a Culture of Innovation
• Concepts and Models of Innovation
• Barriers to Innovation and Managing Change 

Entry Requirements :

• 5 years work experience with at least 2 years in Executive capacity OR
• A Bachelor’s Degree / Undergraduates / Part Professional Qualification OR
• Diploma in HRM / Management / Accounting / Marketing / Psychology (Duration : Not less than 1 year) OR
• 5 years as a Commissioned Officer in Sri Lanka Army / Navy / Air Force / Police

Duration : 8 months

Medium : English

Lecture Schedule : One Weekend a month – Saturday & Sunday from 8.45 am to 4.45 pm

Commencement : Saturday, 12th January 2020

Assessment Methodology : Assignments , Presentations & Examinations

Fees :
• Course Registration Fee: Rs. 20,000 + E library Charges: Rs. 5,000
• UK Registration Fee: Rs. 25,000 - Payable within 2 months of commencement

Course Fees :
• Option 1: Paid in 8 installments : Rs. 18,500 a month x 8
• Option 2: Paid in Full at the start: Rs. 140,600

          60 months monthly repayment facility available through NDB Bank. 
         For details call Mr. Devapriya De Silva, Manager - NDB Nugegoda Branch - 077 3457421 /011 2820879 

On successful completion of this course,

1. MDipBA could be stated after the name.

2. Immediate progression is available to pursue MBA or Masters’ in HRM from University of Northampton – UK.
     Please speak to Student Counsellors for immediate progression benefits.


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Master of Business Administration from University of Northampton - UK

Mater's in HRM from University of Northampton - UK


Reservations : Please call 077 2204101 / 071 2 724425 


Distance Supported Learning Option: for more information : Please call (+94) 77 2204101 or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The supported distance learning mode includes text books and study packs, academic articles and other relevant video clips that will enrich and enhance the effectiveness of leaning. In addition there will be guidance on the fulfillment of assignments and students could speak to the lecturers via telephone or skype for further guidance. Students will also have the facility of visiting the institute to obtain specific assistance or attend class room sessions whenever possible. 

Fees :
• Course Registration Fee: Rs. 25,000 + E library Charges: Rs. 5,000
• UK Registration Fee: Rs. 25,000 - Payable within 2 months of commencement

Course Fees :
• Option 1: Paid in 2 installments : Rs. 74,000 a month x 2 - 1st Installment at the start and 2nd at the beginning of 4th month
• Option 2: Paid in Full at the start: Rs. 140,600 

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