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On successful completion of this course, MDip-Strategy could be stated after the name.

Strategy and Innovation are the fundamental determinants of competitive advantage. All Managers need to be strategic and innovative, irrespective of their industry or function. A strategic orientation and a culture of innovation must be inculcated in every organisation.

Though this is a critical necessity for every business, it is also the biggest challenge for many. This higher diploma is intended to provide the input to transform managers and their teams to relentlessly focus on strategy and innovation in the pursuit of competitive advantage.

The exposure and insights gained from this programme will enable managers to effectively engage in the process of strategic thinking and crafting strategy.This program covers the four cornerstones of sustainability and growth of any enterprise: Strategy, Innovation, Marketing and Managing Change.

Is this the right course for YOU!
• You are ambitious, energetic and possess a strong desire to get to the top
• You sense that ‘strategy & innovation’ is the managerial competency required at the top
• You are on the lookout for a qualification that will help you to be a strategist or a change agent
• You don’t want to be seen as someone unable to think, strategize, innovate and change

Why pursue THIS Qualification?
• The content is unique and incomparable: Strategy, Innovation, Marketing & Change
• It leads to a highly respected and globally recognised MBA with exemptions
• Resource Persons who teach are Sri Lanka’s best, qualified and experienced at the top
• A convenient class schedule, fees paid by installments & assessments based on assignments

This qualification will ENABLE YOU to…
• Differentiate yourself from others with a superior qualification and strategic competence
• Fast-track your career progression by being a consistent contributor to organisational success
• Enhance employment opportunities with greater recognition and remuneration
• Enable career transition and lateral movement How will this learning

• The 100 hours of direct teaching coupled with a further 150 hours of learning purely on Strategy, Innovation, Marketing and Change Management involves extensive COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT to craft and implement strategy.
• Understanding the drivers of competitive advantage will enable managers to rethink, reorient and reengineer their thought process and outlook.
• This learning will influence individuals in their choice of business priorities.
• This exposure is likely to create a positive impact on the ‘top and bottom lines’, product-market portfolio and business proceses.



• Concepts of Strategic Management
• Competitive advantage as a Strategy
• Strategic Thinking
• Tools for Strategic Analysis
• Crafting Strategy and Business Models
• Strategy Implementation
• Strategy and Balanced Scorecard

• Driving Innovation across the organization
• Innovation Strategies
• Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
• Disruptive Innovation
• Blue Ocean Strategies
• Exploring the habits of today’s “new innovators”
• Eliminating Barriers to Innovation

• Creating a Market-Oriented Company
• Developing Competitive Marketing Strategies
• Developing Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Strategies
• Constructing Customer Value Propositions
• Developing and Managing New Products

• Principle and Practices in Managing Change
• Prerequisites for Sustainable Strategic Change
• Issues relating to strategic change in an organisation
• Leading stakeholders in developing a strategy for change
• Implementing change

Progression Pathway :
On completion of the Pearson Assured Managerial Diploma in Strategy and Innovation Management, students could progress to;
• Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree

Entry Requirements :
• 5 years work experience with at least 2 years in Executive capacity OR 
• A Bachelor’s Degree / Undergraduates / Part Professional Qualification OR
• Diploma in HRM / Management / Accounting / Marketing / Psychology OR
• 5 years as a Commissioned Officer in Sri Lanka Army / Navy / Air Force / Police

Commencement : Please call 077 2204101 to check the commencement date

Duration       : 6 months

Medium        : English

Lecture Schedule: One Weekend a month – Saturday & Sunday from 8.45 am to 4.45 pm 

Assessment Methodology: Assignments, Projects and Presentations (No Examinations)

• Course Registration Fee : Rs. 12,500
• UK Registration Fee : Rs. 20,000 - Payable within 2 months of commencement
 Course Fees:
• Paid in 6 installments : Rs. 20,000 a month x 6
• Paid in Full at the start : Rs. 105,000

 (Subject to 2% NBT)


INFORMATION: Call 0772204101 / 071 2724425



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