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DISTANCE GUIDED LEARNING (DGL) is now available for students to follow the Certificate in HRM & Psychology from wherever they are. Students have no requirement to visit the Institute except to SIT the final examination. Students will be provided with STUDY PACKS, VIDEO LECTURES, POWER POINT NOTES and the service of a PERSONAL TUTOR to individually clarify the academic concerns. The recognition of the certificate under Guided-Distance Learning scheme will be the same as for on-campus students. All progression opportunities are available to DGL students as for others.

DGL students have an enormous advantage of being able to start their studies at any time convenient to them. They will pursue their studies, assignments and other assessments on a pre-determined schedule in order to ensure that the course is completed on time.

1. Introduction to Management
2. Theories of Leadership & Motivation
3. Skills of Communication & Team Development
4. Introduction to HRM
5. HR Planning
6. Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Job Specifications
7. Recruitment & Selection
8. Induction & Orientation
9. Training & Development
10. Performance Management
11. Remuneration & Rewards
12 Introduction to Sri Lanka Labour Law
13. Conflict Handling & Grievance Procedures
14. Disciplinary Procedures
15. Occupational Health & Safety
16. Introduction to Psychology
17. Psychology and HRM
18. Employee Counseling
19. Emotional Intelligence & Personality Traits
20. Conflict at Work & Stress


  • Distance learning has a number of benefits as compared to classroom learning, which include:

Flexibility: Distance learning is a flexible way to study as you are able to choose when and where you study - from home, in the office, or anywhere in the world! There are no timetabled classes to attend which means you can fit studying for a qualification around your other commitments.

Classroom learning allows you to listen to any class lesson only once. But with distance courses, the learner has the freedom to replay that portion of the audio or video tape or re-read a particular module which he/she is not clear about.

In classroom learning, the time spent on a particular module depends on the teacher, which is not the case with distance learning. Here, the student can decide the amount of time to be spent on any particular module.

Distance programmes offer students the flexibility to use time according to their requirements

Another added benefit is that students have access to learning anywhere and at any time with no limitations and restrictions time and location of study. It gives students ample time to spend with their family and work.

Above all, distance education saves the time and cost incurred in travelling.


ENTRY QUALIFICATIONS : G.C.E. (O/L) 6 passes with Mathematics & English

MEDIUM : English

COMMENCEMENT : Saturday, 27th January 

SCHEDULE : Flexible 

DURATION : 4 Months

Registration fee Rs. 5,000 + Course fee : Rs. 30,000  + 2% NBT ( Payable in 2 Installments - at the start and beginning of 2nd Month) 

PROGRESSION : BSc (Hons) Business and Management Degree

INFORMATION : Call 071 2724425 - 077 2204101

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