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Project “POSSIBLE” is about ‘enabling and empowering to enrich life’. We inculcate ‘can-do’ belief in society. ‘Enabling degree dreams: it’s possible for all’ is an initiative aimed at children with moderate O/L results.

Food for thought!
1. Less than 10% of A/L students enter local universities
2. Students with moderate O/L results are unlikely to enter a local university
3. ‘Project Possible’ makes the Uni-Dream a reality for all
4. Here is an alternative pathway to start on a degree soon after O/Ls
5. You can…whilst in school OR not in school, get started on a Bachelor’s Degree
6. Degree awarded by UGC Recognised ‘top-ranked’ Gold Rated UK University
7. HRMI encourages moderate students with a Rs. 250,000 Scholarship
8. Study duration of a Degree: 3 years – Fees payable in 36 monthly installments
9. Degree Pathways: Business Management, HRM or Tourism
10. HRMI Guarantees Internship Training to facilitate employment

Project Possible is committed to enable every child to obtain a Degree irrespective of his or her performance at the O/Ls. A Degree is a must to succeed in life, to be a professional and to enter in the corporate world. A degree assures employment, secures confidence and makes it possible to achieve dreams and enjoy life. Here is a guaranteed pathway to make your degree and employment dreams come true.
Project Possible is different! We believe in being a ‘change-maker’ to create a difference in the society we live in. We enable all to reach their full potential. It’s an exclusive social responsibility initiative of HRMI to wipe-out O/Ls hindering dreams of the young.

What our Project Possible scholarship winners say, 
‘HRMI made my degree possible. With moderate O/L results I was depressed, hopeless and lost to think what my future holds…’ I have never heard of scholarships given to mediocre students.  Thanks to HRMI, I saved 250,000/. Romaine de Silva

What’s in it for me?
• In 3 years, Degree from Gold ranked UGC Approved British University.
• Guaranteed Internship Training to facilitate employment.

Choice of Degrees:
• BA (Hons) Business & Management – Awarded by University of Northampton, UK
• BA (Hons) Human Resources management – Awarded by University of Northampton, UK
• BA (Hons) International Tourism Management – Awarded by University of Northampton, UK

Awarding Body: University of Northampton, UK
University of Northampton is a globally respected and recognized institution of higher learning which has received many awards and honors in recent times. The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) awarded the Gold Mark for Teaching Excellence to the University of Northampton in June 2017. This is the highest possible mark and reflects the academic excellence and outstanding teaching quality at Northampton.
The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is the official Ranking scheme developed by the Department for Education in England for recognizing teaching and academic standards. Only 42 institutions of higher education out of 140 in UK received the Gold Mark which is valid for 3 years.

Study Duration : 3 years

Commencement: Full-time: Friday, 22nd June      Part-time: Sunday, 3rd June 

Assessment Methodology: Examinations, Assignments, Projects& Presentation

FEES: Total for 3 years: Rs. 700,000/-after a discount of Rs. 250,000/- 
Year 1 and 2:
• For Part-time students:Rs. 10,000 per month
• For Full-time students: Rs. 15,000 per month
Year3: Rs. 15,000 per month
In addition there will be the HRMI and University of Northampton, UK Registration Fees. The fees may change marginally due to fluctuations in the exchange rate or university charges. All fees are subject to 2% NBT.

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