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One-day Workshop 

For Executives & Managers


Discover the Corporate Mantras every employee should be uttering,The only strategy for Survival and Growth of any organisation is its ability to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is achieved either through Differentiation or Cost Leadership or both.

  • How should we differentiate our products & services from our competitors?
  • How should we make our processes more efficient and cost effective than our competitors?


  • Discover what we need to do to create a Culture of Innovation in our companies.
  • Learn all about Product Innovation, Process Innovation, Position Innovation, Paradigm Innovation, Social Innovation and Frugal Innovation plus many more.
  • Dozens of illustrations on how innovation has Increased Revenue, Reduced Cost, Enhanced Efficiency and Value, both in service and manufacturing sectors

This one-day workshop is presented by veteran corporate trainer Gihan Talgodapitiya.

Gihan has presented over 4,000 workshops and retained by 300+ large corporates in the Asian Region


Your take-home from this Workshop

  • How to Connect – Strategy, Competitive Advantage and Innovation
  • How to make Innovation happen in realty
  • How to innovate Products, Processes and Positions to Enhance Revenue and Reduce Cost
  • How to Measure the Impact of Innovation
  • How to overcome Barriers to Innovation

Event Information

Date & Time : Thur, 27th June - 
                      9.00 am to 5.00pm

Location: HRMI Central Campus, 
              De  Seram Place, 
              Colombo 10


Rs. 9,750 + 2 NBT / Per Person

Group of 3 Rs. 8,250 + 2 NBT / Per Person

Group of 5 Rs. 7,750 + 2 NBT / Per Person


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