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Awarded by University of Northampton – UK

Recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) Sri Lanka.

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The Northampton MBA is designed for visionary managers and executives who are committed to break career barriers and reach the top. 

The Northampton MBA at HRMI is a no-nonsense unique programme of senior management competency development that offers a robust curriculum and an immersive learning experience.

It’s an intensive programme differentiated by design and delivery to enable career progression. The exposure to Strategy, Innovation, International Business and Entrepreneurship makes the Northampton MBA at HRMI unique and absolutely enlightening for aspirant top-managers. It’s delivered by a highly respected panel of industry experts in a interesting and interactive format.

You will learn to think laterally, challenge convention and offer informed solutions to business issues. You will gain valuable skills that will set you apart from an average MBA holder. Northampton MBA will differentiate you and enable you to achieve full career potential.

HRMI does not believe in nonsensical marketing gimmicks like foreign tours but committed to real learning and development of the student. HRMI provides comprehensive student support, personal tutors and extensive guidance to enable a student to develop academic writing and research skills. This level of facilitation has not only enabled HRMI MBA students to ‘pass-first-time’ but also to accomplish the MBA with Distinctions and Merits.


Special Offer for Holders of CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting

Refer 'FEES' below 



Modules of Study  

  1. International Business Negotiation
  1. Critical Issues in Business
  1. Entrepreneurship Report
  1. Business Research Project
  1. Management and Organisational Behaviour
  1. Strategic Marketing
  1. Managing Operations and the Supply Chain
  1. Competitive Strategy and Innovation
  1. Financial Decision Making

Total Credits: 180     


Mode of Assessment: Assignments + Examinations + Presentations

Entry Requirements

- Bachelor's Degree OR 

- CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting OR

- Recognised Professional Qualification OR

- Any other Qualification deemed equivalent to the above and recognised by the University

Lecture Schedule: Once in 3 weeks: Saturday & Sunday from 8.45 am to 4.30pm - Delivered online due to Covid 19 outbreak

Academic Duration: 15 months

COMMENCEMENT: 24th January 


Special Offer:

Registration Fee: Rs. 25,000 ( Including E-library Fee)

At Course Commencement: Rs. 100,000 +

2nd Installment : Rs. 100,000

from 3rd Instlallment : Rs. 29,500 per Month x 10 Months

Total Course Fee: Rs. 495,000


Standard Fee: Rs. 650,000


 Please Call: 077 2204101 / 071 2 724425

or Online Registration


Distance Guided Learning : Whatsapp: 94 772204101



MBAs are amongst the most popular degrees in the world. The Harvard University established the first MBA programme in 1908. Since then, many thousand institutions & universities award MBAs. Amongst these are unscrupulous institutions which award bogus or fake MBAs or claim dubious ranking. A Google search could provide many insights into unaccredited MBAs which offer low cost Degree certificates & transcripts.

When embarking on a MBA, a prospective student must establish without a doubt the credentials of the awarding institution and its academic reputation. The esteem & admiration, recognition & respect for a qualification are derived from the awarding institution. The subject coverage, duration of study and depth in learning content are ingredients that make a difference between a respected MBA and an ordinary MBA.

Focused on Innovation & Strategy

Students will fulfill the coursework requirement of the Northampton MBA (120 Credits) by pursuing 11 modules of study focused on Innovation & Strategy.

The course work is totally focused on Strategy and Innovation to facilitate development of competencies required in senior management positions. Learning Strategy and Innovation is equally critical for individuals as well as for organisations. The survival and success of both depend on how they would differentiate from the rest. This learning at the Master’s level is the only programme of study available in Sri Lanka designed with an exclusive focus on Strategy and Innovation.

On completion of the 11 modules, students are entitled to receive the Pearson Assured Executive Diploma in Strategy and Innovation, a Level 7 - Post Graduate Qualification as proof of successful completion of the coursework stage of the MBA.


Special Offer for Candidates possessing CIMA Strategic Level Qualification:

Discounted Course Fee and Exemptions from Course Work:  Seven out of Eleven modules exempted.

Academic Duration : 12 months 


Modules of Study:  Coursework Stage (120 Credits)


1: Strategic Planning

2: Managing Innovation and Creativity

3: Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

4: Innovation and Strategic Change Management

5: Strategic Marketing and Innovation

6: Innovation and Strategic Human Resource Management

7: Strategic Quality and Systems Management

8: Strategic Supply Chain Management & Logistics

9: Corporate Communication Strategies

10:Managing Financial Principles and Techniques

11: Professional Development for Strategic Managers

Research Stage (60 Credits)

1: Critical Issues in Business 

2: Business Research Project


Total Credits: 180     

     Academic Duration: 15 months

  Entry Requirements

- Bachelor's Degree / Professional Qualification OR

- 5 years experience in Managerial / Executive Capacity OR

- 10 years as a Commissioned Officer in SL Army / Navy / Air Force /Police OR

- Any other Qualification deemed equivalent to the above and recognised by the University


Study Options

2 Study Schedules are available


Schedule 1: Blended Learning with Classroom and Online Teaching 

COMMENCEMENT: 24th January  


Schedule 2: Online Learning 

COMMENCEMENT:  24th January  



Special Offer:

Registration Fee: Rs. 20,000 + E Library Fee: Rs. 5,000

Initial Payment : Rs. 76,000( to be paid at the course commencement) +

Rs. 28,500 x 14 monthly Installments

Total Course fee = Rs. 475,000


Standard Fee: Rs. 650,000 




 Please Call: 077 2204101 / 071 2 724425

Distance Guided Learning : Whatsapp: 94 772204101





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