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    An in-depth learning of Strategy and Innovation which will enable leaners to fulfil the proficiencies specified under strategic management in any competency framework. Ideally suitable for senior executives and managers who are required to indulge in strategic thinking in order create a sustainable competitive advantage. It is a Master’s level learning filled with world class examples and best practices to translate learning into action. The faculty is headed by veteran corporate trainer Mr. Gihan Talgodapitiya who counts over 30 years’ experience in teaching Strategy and Innovation and retained by over 300 leading corporates in the Asian region. 

    • A comprehensive 6-month Master’s Level course of studies in Strategy and Innovation enabling a student to directly embark on the prestigious Northampton MBA which can be completed in 12 months with full exemptions for all modules studied under Pre MBA.
    • Managerial Diploma AWARDED BY PEARSON – UK: World’s #1 Education Enterprise and the Largest Qualification Awarding Authority in UK.
    • Blended Learning Mode with on-campus and on-line lectures.

    For whom:

    • Anyone who is groomed for a senior management position, OR
    • who has the need to learn all about Strategy and Innovation in order to function effectively in a senior management position, OR
    • for those in family owned enterprises and need to adopt a sustainable innovative strategic approach in managing their businesses.


    The Learning:

    • A comprehensive study of Developing Business Strategies and Business Models, Strategizing for Competitive Advantage, Positioning of Products / Services, and Creating Value Propositions are amongst the many strategic tools taught in this programme. In addition, students gain a comprehensive knowledge on how Innovation should be used as a strategy to differentiate one product from another. Creating a culture of innovation, Innovation KPIs and many tools to create an innovation pipeline are discussed and illustrated with contemporary local and world-class examples

    On successful completion of this course,

    1. MDipStrategy could be stated after the name.

    2. Immediate progression is available to pursue MBA with Exemptions

        Please speak to Student Counsellors for immediate progression benefits.

      Qualification awarding Institution : Pearson-UK

    Modules of Study:

    • Strategic Planning: This unit provides a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of strategy, what drives strategy and why a company need to use ‘differentiation’ as the fundamental strategy. The learner will understand the process of developing a strategic plan together with relevant tools and techniques. The connectivity between innovation and strategy is illustrated with many case studies.
    • Managing Innovation and Creativity: Focuses on the significance of creating a company-wide innovation culture and what a company needs to do to establish an innovation pipeline to achieve a sustainable competitive edge. Discusses in depth Principles and Models of Innovation, Dimensions of Innovation, Innovation Strategies, KPIs and Barriers to Innovation amongst many other topics.
    • Innovation and Strategic Change Management: Enables learners to develop the skills of leading and effecting ‘change’ in order to achieve strategic redirection and innovation.
    • Strategic Management and Leadership Skills: Provides insights into the critical linkage between strategic management, leadership and the role of leadership in creating strategic direction and alignment.
    • Professional Development for Strategic Managers : Facilitates the learner to develop competencies required to function effectively at senior management level in establishing strategic direction and a culture of innovation.


    Mode of Assessment: Assignments / Examinations / Presentations / Examinations 

    Medium     : English Medium

    Entry Requirements:

    • 5 years work experience with at least 2 years in Executive capacity OR

    • A Bachelor’s Degree / Undergraduates / Part Professional Qualification OR

    • Diploma in HRM / Management / Accounting / Marketing / Psychology (Duration : Not less than 1 year) OR

    • 5 years as a Commissioned Officer in Sri Lanka Army / Navy / Air Force / Police

    Duration : 6 months

    Mode of Delivery : Blended Learning with Classroom and Online Teaching 

    COMMENCEMENT : 25th October    


    Registration Fee: Rs. 20,000 + E Library Fee: Rs. 5,000

    UK Registration Fee: Rs. 50,000 - ( Payable within 2  months of commencement) 

    Course Fees:Rs. 30,000 x 6 installments =  Rs.180,000 

    60 months monthly repayment facility available through NDB Bank.  For details call Mr. Devapriya De Silva, Manager - NDB Nugegoda Branch - 077 3457421. 

     Please Call: 077 2204101 / 071 2 724425

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