Awarded by University of Northampton, UK 

Recognised by University Grants Commission – Sri Lanka

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) forecasts the number of international tourist arrivals worldwide to increase by an average of 3.3% a year over the period 2010 to 2030, equaling 43 million. At the projected rate of growth, international tourist arrivals worldwide will reach 1.4 billion by 2020 and 1.8 billion by the year 2030. The Americas indicate the strongest growth in the Tourism industry followed by Asia, Pacific and the Middle East.

Sri Lanka continues to emerge as one of the world’s best tourist destinations with accolades from various travel guides and travel magazines including Lonely Planet and National Geographic Traveler. Lonely Planet named Sri Lanka as its best tourist destination for year 2019/20 while National Geographic Traveler featured Sri Lanka in its UK edition highlighting 21 must-see places. Sri Lanka also topped the best 13 locations selected by British Airways. With the anticipated increase in inbound tourists, the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors will experience an exponential growth and a major demand for human resources at all levels. This expansion in the global and local tourism industry will provide thousands of employment and migration opportunities for qualified Tourism and Hospitality management professionals.

Many top jobs in travel and tourism come from global brands and international chains. Unlike in the past, these employers demand academic and professional qualifications. Therefore, having a relevant degree from a globally recognised university is a prerequisite to be employed with international brands.

Degree Awarding Institution : University of Northampton (UON) – UK

Programme Structure:

International Tourism and Hospitality degree content covers managing tourism destinations, tourism marketing, tour operations, special interest tourism, sustainable tourism and innovation in tourism amongst other tourism related learning. This learning will enable a young person to gain employment in organisations connected to airlines, airports, inbound and outbound tour operators, hospitality and entertainment.

Whilst the entire Degree programme will take 33 months, students are required to successfully complete 16 modules during the first 2 years. On completion of this segment, students will be awarded Pearson Assured International Diploma in Management for Travel and Tourism and thereafter progress to the Final Year for the award of the Bachelor’s Degree (BA – Honours) in International Tourism Management t from the University of Northampton.

Modules of Study:

Year 1 and 2

The Contemporary Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Global Tourism Destinations

Professional Identity and Practice

Destination Marketing

Tourism and Hospitality Consumer Behaviour and Insight

Marketing Essentials for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Tour Operations Management for Travel and Hospitality

The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Business Toolkit

Global Events

Managing the Customer Experience in Tourism and Hospitality

Research Project

Business Strategy for Tourism and Hospitality

Leadership and Management for Service Industries

Innovative Cultural and Heritage Management

Global Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Development

Final Year

Tourism & Hospitality Business Consultancy

International Destination Management for Tourism & Hospitality

Achieve Your Potential

Leading Tourism & Hospitality Teams

Consumer Behaviour in Tourism & Hospitality

Research Project

On completion of year 3, students will be awarded BA (Hons) – International Tourism and Hospitality Management by the University of Northampton, UK

Medium     : English Medium

 Entry Requirements

-GCE (A/L) 3 passes from any stream (or Pending A/L Results)-with English and Mathematics at O/L OR

-Certificate course in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality OR equivalent from a recognised institution OR

-GCE (O/L) with English and Mathematics and 2 years work experience in Hospitality and Tourism

Advanced Entry: Candidates with over 5 years experience in travel , tourism or hospitality OR industry related recognised qualifications may be considered for advanced entry. for more information please call 077 2204101 / 071 2 724425 to determine point of entry

Schedule : PART TIME BATCH: English Medium : Sundays from 8.45 am to 4.30pm

Academic Duration : 33 Months

COMMENCEMENT : 27th April 2024


 Registration Fee  Rs. 25,000 (Including E-library Fee) and
 University       Registration Fee  GBP 750 – to be paid at the beginning of 23rd month from   course commencement  (Direct Payment to the University by   the Student) and
  Course Fee: (Please select one) 
  Option 1  Pay Monthly = Rs. 35,475 x 33 installments : Rs. 1,170,675
  Option 2  Pay Annually= Rs. 375,000 x 3 : Rs. 1,125,000
  Option 3  Pay in Full   = Rs. 1,055,000

Social Security Contribution Levy (SSCL) of 2.5 % would be charged on all above fees except for direct payments made by students to the University

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076 828 7007 / 077 220 4101 / 071 272 4425

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