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Welcome to HRMI Campuses, where Academic Excellence is paramount.
Our teaching quality, integrity, and compliance standards are audited by the University of Northampton and Pearson, UK. Compliant with ISO 9001-2015, UK Quality Code for Higher Education, and more, our learning content meets international benchmarks. We focus on holistic student development, supporting their academic and professional progression. Internship programmes and employment assistance with reputed Sri Lankan organizations provide practical experience. Each student benefits from a dedicated Personal Tutor for academic guidance. Our faculty comprises of respected professionals and academics.

Join us for a transformative educational journey, preparing you to become self-reliant, socially responsible, and successful individuals.

  • An HRMI qualification is not merely a certificate.
  • It is an investment, a lifelong enabler, and a differentiator.
  • A gateway for employment, career advancement and professional success.
  • Enables career mobility, beyond corporate boundaries and hierarchical barriers.
  • Opens migration pathways and unlimited opportunities.
  • A respectful qualification that strengthens your personality and drives your self-esteem.
  • Enriches your competencies with real-life learning leading to superior performance at work.
  • More than everything else, you could tell your family and friends that you earned a respected degree with genuine commitment and hard work.


  • HRMI incorporated in 2008 is a higher education institution located in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • HRMI has been recognised by the Ministry of Education – Sri Lanka as a Private University with Degree awarding status.
  • The University of Northampton, UK and HRMI are in Franchise Collaborative Partnership to offer several Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Sri Lanka.
  • HRMI is an Authorized Centre for Pearson UK and offers many Post Graduate Diplomas, HNDs, Higher Diplomas and Diplomas.
  • HRMI is Registered with Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission Sri Lanka (TVEC).
  • HRMI has 3 Campuses in Colombo: The Central Campus in Colombo 10, the City Campus in Colombo 5 and the Vocational Studies Campus in Nawala.
  • All HRMI campuses are compliant with ISO 9001- 2015 QMS certified by SGS, Pearson Assured Quality Standards, Pearson BTEC International Verification Standards and the requirements of the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) Sri Lanka. The UK Quality Code for Higher Education has been adopted to ensure academic quality and process effectiveness.
  • HRMI was the Recipient of The University of Northampton International Changemaker Award 2020 and 2022.
  • HRMI has been the Recipient of several awards from Pearson UK for its Academic Excellence.
  • Maldives Qualifications Authority (MQA) recognises qualifications awarded by University of Northampton UK and Pearson UK , delivered at HRMI Sri Lanka
  • HRMI provides an articulation pathway for its students to study at the Murdoc University in Australia with an advanced entry opportunity

Our Vision is to create a life-changing impact for our students. We want them to be self-reliant, socially responsible and respected individuals. We want our students to be enabled, empowered and endowed with qualifications they would treasure for life. For those who wish to make a difference, we shall be the wellspring for scholastic and holistic development. We envision HRMI to be a great place to work where each individual is inspired to be the best they can be. We strengthen our strengths by partnering with renowned and respected institutions of learning whilst creating mutual, enduring value. We strive to be a changemaker and an active participant in building and supporting our communities. To our shareowners, we shall contribute a healthy long-term return whilst being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

Our Mission: ‘Enabling & Inspiring Individuals to make a Difference’

  • Teaching quality, academic integrity, learning content, assessment criteria and adherence to compliance standards are critical drivers of academic excellence. HRMI Campuses are subject to rigorous quality audits by their academic partners, University of Northampton and Pearson, UK
  • Our campuses are compliant with ISO 9001- 2015 QMS certified by SGS, The UK Quality Code for Higher Education, Pearson Assured Quality Standards, Pearson BTEC International Verification Standards and the requirements of the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) Sri Lanka.
  • HRMI Campuses are headed by the renowned Corporate Trainer, Mr Gihan Talgodapitiya and the Academic Council is chaired by the Vice Chansellor, Emeritus Prof. Indralal de Silva MA & PhD (Canberra).
  • At HRMI Campuses, learning content is extensive and the duration fulfills international standards. These academic standards are monitored and reviewed by international standard verifiers.  The validity of a qualification is derived from the content and duration and students should not be deceived by unscrupulous degree mills who resort to bargain prices and short cuts.
  • In addition to the prescribed learning content in our Degree and HND programmes, students are taught many other invaluable lessons to develop their managerial and executive competencies. This training is only provided at HRMI Campuses.

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  • We work closely with a large network of reputed Sri Lankan private sector organizations to enable our students to acquire practical experience through a well-designed programme of internship training. We thereafter assist our students to be professionally employed.
  • Our Degree students are facilitated to be gainfully employed on completion of their studies, subject to students being successful at an internal assessment and interview.
  • Every student has the luxury of a designated Personal Tutor who is available at all times to provide academic guidance. Our Personal Tutors provide comprehensive assistance and guidance to eliminate stress and anxiety associated with assignments, examinations and research projects. Our faculty consists of highly respected and qualified management professionals & renowned academics.


Our Values drives our actions and defines what we stand for in our quest to achieve our Vision and Mission.
Take the Lead: The courage to change and shape a better future
Raise the Bar: Pursue excellence, innovate, change, re-invent & evolve
Be Honest:  Being ethical, transparent & equitable
Always Caring:  Being compassionate, considerate & concerned
Create Value: Transforming lives beyond transactions
Collaborate: Leverage & synergize sustainable partnerships