Target Group 1 : Graduates, Managers and Executives

Recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) Sri Lanka.

The only Postgraduate Learning with a Focus on Strategy & Innovation.

The only MBA in Sri Lanka with a focus on Strategy and Innovation. Northampton MBA will differentiate you and enable you to achieve full career potential. You will gain valuable skills that will set you apart from an average MBA holder.

The Northampton MBA is a senior management competency development programme for visionary managers and executives who are committed to breaking career barriers and reaching the top.

You will learn to think laterally, challenge conventions and offer ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions to business issues. The exposure to Strategy, Innovation, International Business and Entrepreneurship makes the Northampton MBA unique and absolutely enlightening for aspirant top-managers. It’s delivered by a highly respected panel of industry experts in an interesting and interactive format.

HRMI provides comprehensive student support, personal tutors and extensive guidance to enable a student to develop academic writing and research skills.

Focused on Innovation & Strategy
The learning is totally focused on Strategy and Innovation to facilitate development of competencies required in senior management positions. Crafting strategy and innovation is equally critical for individuals as well as for organisations. The survival and success of both depend on how they would differentiate from the rest. This learning at the Master’s level is the only programme of study available in Sri Lanka designed with an exclusive focus on Strategy and Innovation.

Students are required to study 6 modules during the coursework stage and upon completion, will be awarded Pearson Assured Executive Diploma in Strategy and Innovation Management (Level 7 Postgraduate Qualification). Thereafter, students will progress to the Research Stage and upon completion, they will be awarded the MBA from the University of Northampton UK.


Coursework Stage: 120 Credits

1. Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship:
Focuses on the significance of creating a company-wide innovation culture and what a company needs to do to establish an innovation pipeline to achieve a sustainable competitive edge.
2. Strategic Leadership and Management:
The module is all about the role of Leadership in directing an organisation to achieve its strategic intentions, to be competitive and to remain sustainable and grow in a dynamic and evolving environment.
3. Innovation and Strategic Change Management:
Enables learners to develop the skills of initiating and leading ‘change’ in order to achieve strategic redirection, transition, and innovation.
4. Strategic Marketing and Innovation:
This module identifies the connectivity between corporate strategy and strategic marketing. It illustrates the link between an organisation’s strategic position, and the positioning of its products and services.
5. Strategic Supply Chain Management and Logistics:
Focuses on the relevance of supply chain and logistics management to strategic success. The learners will gain insights into key drivers of competitive advantage through supply chain performance, innovations in supply chain processes and logistics operations.
6. Research Methods:
Learners will need to propose a unique research question related to an area of professional business practice that interests them and contribute to their professional development.

Research Stage: 60 Credits
1. Major Project:
The students will engage in an original research project associated with topics and themes from the MBA programme. It’s an opportunity for learners to identify, select and analyse secondary data in innovative ways for applied research in business and management contexts.
2. Practical Data Analysis for Business:
This module will enable learners to effectively utilise secondary data to inform organisational proposals and decisions. Learners will be equipped with the skills required to acquire, manage, analyse and apply qualitative and quantitative secondary data sets.
3. Strategy and Decision Making:
Learners will analyse how the dynamic internal and external business environment impacts on the component elements of organisations, and how organisations seek competitive advantage through strategy and decision-making.

Entry Requirements

– Bachelor’s Degree / Professional Qualification OR

– 10 years in Managerial / Executive Capacity OR

– 5 years in Executive Capacity with a Recognised Diploma OR

– 2 years in Executive capacity with a HND or equivalent OR

– 10 years as a Commissioned Officer in SL Army / Navy / Air Force / Police OR

– CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting OR

– Any other Qualification deemed equivalent to the above.

Duration: 12 months

Schedule: Every Saturday 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm – Occasionally additional classes may be held on Sundays

COMMENCEMENT: 01st June 2024  

Fee applicable to Sri Lankan Passport Holders Resident Sri Lanka:

Course Registration Fee and E Library Fee: Rs. 30,000
Seasonal Offer : Rs. 480,000 – Can be paid in 12 Installments of Rs. 40,000 each
University Registration Fee: GBP 750 – to be paid at the beginning of 6th month from course commencement (Direct Payment to the University by the Student)

Standard Course Fee            : Rs.580,000

Social Security Contribution Levy (SSCL) of 2.5 % would be charged on all above fees except for direct payments made by students to the University

Fee applicable to Sri Lankan Passport Holders Resident Overseas:

Course Registration Fee and E Library Fee: GBP 225 and
University Registration Fee: GBP 750 to be paid on the 6th month from the course  (Direct Payment to the University by the Student)
Course Fee: GBP 2,142 Installment Plan: 1st Installment at the course commencement: GBP 714 2nd Installment at the beginning of 4th Month : GBP 714 3rd Installment at the beginning of 10th Month: GBP 714

Social Security Contribution Levy (SSCL) of 2.5 % would be charged on all above fees except for direct payments made by students to the University
Students have the option of paying the course fee in LKR

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